Nico Amarilla

My personal notes on programming.

About Kosinix

The web handle kosinix is a portmanteau (a play of words) of the phrase “ako si nico”, which is Hiligaynon for “I Am Nico”. My real name is Nico Amarilla and I am a web developer/programmer. I started in web development in 2007.

I tend to forget stuff, so in a way this is my personal notebook on the stuff I commonly do but easily forget. Its structured like a typical tech blog to be useful to visitors who happen to stumble upon it.

Stuff I do:

  • PHP (WordPress plugins and themes, Silex)
  • CSS & HTML
  • jQuery plugins
  • Running a VPS, dabbling with Ubuntu
  • C# .NET

Stuff I used know:

  • Flash + ActionScript – Used it to make a computer game as my undergraduate thesis.
  • VB6 – Used it to make some fun windows apps. Sadly I dont have the source code for WestDancer anymore.

Stuff I love:

  • Biking
  • Travel

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