Nico Amarilla

My personal notes on programming.

Hire Me

Hey! Thank you for your interest.

I’m currently looking for a job around: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

I’m Nico, a web developer with 10 years of experience. I authored libraries used by other developers and plugins with thousands (1001) downloads. I’ve been making stuff for the web since 2007.

Willing to relocate: Yes
Remote job: No

Current location: Philippines
Current salary: $1500
Resume: resume-nico-amarilla-2018.docx

Open source projects and more:

  • Grafika – An image processing lib in PHP. Hated language.
  • Raster – An image processing lib in Rust. Cool language.
  • Run Training Calendar – A web app for runners and feeling runners.
  • – A website for selling crappy WordPress plugins.
  • Ametrican – A Firefox add-on to convert Murican! units into something the rest of the world understands.